Night Guards

night guardsIf you have sensitivity in your teeth while drinking cold water or hot tea and coffee or you are in the habit of clenching teeth during sleep hours, it immediately warrants visiting your dentist at Suncreek Family Dentistry for an examination and evaluation of your teeth and gums. Grinding or teeth clenching can be caused by several factors. This habit damages the outer enamel covering of your teeth exposing the underneath sensitive yellowish dentin portion. If left untreated, it can also cause jaw pain associated with TMJ.

In order to combat this problem, it is necessary to take precautions against the clenching and grinding by using a specially designed night guard that is made after impressions are taken of your teeth. These guards absorb all the forces applied by the teeth and joints which are responsible for the wearing of the natural tooth enamel. If left untreated, tooth wear will progress quickly and involve the tooth’s nerves which may lead to a root canal procedure or the removal of your natural teeth. Night guards are removable appliances which can be fabricated from hard acrylic resin material or soft silicone sheets.

An impression of the teeth is taken for exact dimensions. The model will be used by our dental laboratory to fabricate the night guard for a custom fit. The night guard will have the following features for providing maximum benefits:

  •  Will cover the complete chewing tooth surfaces,
  •  Helps maintain the bite proportions
  •  Does not apply unnecessary force that could cause extrusion or intrusion of teeth
  • Does not impinge the gum margins to cause injury,
  •  Will be well polished and smoothed to provide comfort and ease of use

 Will provide uniform and stable tooth contacts.

Keep your night guard well-maintained and clean of food debris, dental plaque and foreign bodies to increase its lifespan. If you not tear or sharp edges in any portion of the appliance, visit us immediately. You can call us at this number 214-547-1010 for booking an appointment regarding a night guard appliance or follow up procedures.