Oral Cancer Screening

Detecting Oral Cancer Accurately Using Vizilite Plus With TBlue 630

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Out of the 30,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer every year, approximately 7500 succumb to the infection. Are you aware of these statistics?

Oral cancer has become a dreaded infection and holds the number of six position as the most popular forms of cancer detected. Over the past four decades, one person has died every hour from oral cancer. Sounds scary, doesn’t  it?

Well, would it not be beneficial if your dentist could offer an oral cancer screening for you during your routine appointment?

We at Suncreek Family Dentistry do not have any intentions of letting you or your family join the statistics, and therefore, we have made arrangements to offer oral cancer screenings for our patients. Our highly skilled and equipped team has the knowledge and technology to perform these screenings and deliver effective results.

Apart from the customary visual exam, we also use Vizilite plus with TBlue 630 in order accurately to screen for oral cancer. This is a composition of a chemiluminescent light source called Vizilite and helps us to identify potential areas with problems.

The procedure is pretty simple.

  • You are required to rinse your mouth with the Vizilite pre-rinse solution for about a minute after which one of our team members shines a light into your mouth to identify the suspicious areas. Potential lesions if any will be highlighted.
  •  If any hotspots are located, we go toward a step further and paint on the TBlue 630 dye that will stain any potential cancer blue.
  • Areas identified as potential problems will be referred to a specialist of oral cancer who can then take the steps necessary for the diagnosis and the treatment.

These two elements Vizilite and the blue dye working together along with the dentist and hygienist it makes it easier to identify or evaluate abnormalities in the mouth. If there is evidence of lesions and signs of oral cancer after the exam has been completed the dentists will determine the best path for the treatment, which could include biopsies.

It is extraordinary to be screened with our Vizilite system because it can ensure that you and your family do not have any precancerous or cancerous oral lesions.

Our patients are put at ease knowing that we employ the Vizilite technology to understand whether their oral health is on par. What is even more important is the fact that the examination is fast, simple, noninvasive and only takes about two minutes.

Early screening is essential for any type of cancer, and the oral variety is no different in this regard. You should be looking forward to being safe rather than sorry and therefore, should schedule your annual oral cancer screening right away with Suncreek Family Dentistry by calling our office at 214-547-1010. We are certain you will not regret your decision.