Wisdom Teeth Extractions

wisdom teeth extractions in allen texas

The Complications Associated  With Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are located at the back of your mouth in the upper and lower jaw, and dentists usually refer to them as third molars. Most patients do not have the room they need for wisdom teeth.

Sometimes our jaws do not have the adequate space required to retain our wisdom teeth, which often become enclosed within the bone or the soft-tissue, and the tooth attempts to create space for itself. The process can create negative repercussions that become evident regardless of whether you are young or an adult. They rarely come in straight and therefore, patients experience a range of dental problems, which are as follows:

  • Crowding of the other teeth in the mouth because of insufficient space.
  • Creating cavities in the teeth directly in front of the wisdom teeth because of the narrow space in the back of the mouth.
  • Leading to infections and cysts within the jawbone because of the formulation of bacteria.
  • In order to prevent these negative consequence’s, Dr. Sunnucks may recommend the removal of the wisdom teeth at a young age, and this indicates that they are making an attempt to provide fewer chances for the tooth to develop and create problems. Moreover, extracting the tooth when a patient is younger, allows the dentist to extract the tooth before the root has fully developed. This makes the extraction easier and the recovery faster for you.
  • IV sedation is offered during this procedure by our trained anesthesiologist allowing you to sleep during the entire procedure.
  • This procedure lasts for approximately an hour and is generally performed in office

The gentle wisdom tooth extractions will assuage your discomfort other dental issues caused by them. If you are experiencing pain in the wisdom tooth or would like to have the wisdom tooth extracted before the beginning of any problems, call us right away at 214-547-1010.

Have You Wondered Why They Are Called Wisdom Teeth?

Does keeping the wisdom teeth without extraction make you smarter in any way? Not really because it will be smarter for you to have a wisdom tooth extraction before it can create any dental problems.

Our jaws do not have adequate space to accommodate wisdom teeth, and this is generally the case with most patients.

Even smarter will be your decision to have wisdom teeth extracted by our team at Suncreek Family Dentistry because we are highly qualified for the procedure while making your visit to our office extremely comfortable. Call us today to schedule your appointment for wisdom teeth extraction.